A Travel Agent Career Can Be Rewarding And Fun

Many people often wonder what would be to have a travel agent career. The perception is that it doesn’t pay very well but that there are a lot of perks. While it is true that the typical travel agent does not break six figures, some travel agents make good money and get to enjoy benefits as well. Training is relatively inexpensive and less time consuming than going to a regular college, though many campuses do offer some tour operator courses now. Gone are the days when airline pilots made a ton of money and travel companies were at the bottom of the totem pole when it came to pay. Since most airline pilots for regional airlines make less than $40,000 per annum and many as low as $24,000 per year when first starting out, these jobs are becoming much less attractive, especially when you add in all of the university costs. Many pilots leave college with tons of school debt and a low paying job awaiting them. In contrast, a tour operator starting out can expect to make a salary of around $36,000 or more, plus a lot more in commissions.

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